Lessons of History

Remembering the 8th of March, the Woman International Day. We need to remain vigilant. The 8th of March 1979 in Tehran a nurse said: “since last thursday, the mullas (religious men) are molesting us. We think that they started by the veil and that they will not stop there. It has been a few days that we demonstrate in the streets to say that we refuse to wear it… If we do not speak up now, when the Constitution will be written down, they will not grant us anything … ” Few month afterwards, the constitution was ratified, and Iranian beauties disapeared from world sight – these are their last public pictures. Let’s remain vigilant. In the same way, the Berlin Wall rose in one night, between the 12th and the 13th of August 1961. Let’s remain vigilant, and sharpen our senses. The enemy hides and waits in the shadows.