Thérèse Fournier is a writer. For thirty years she has travelled all over the Mediterranean on a boat. She has lived in the great ports of the Maghreb, notably Tanger, Casablanca, Tunis and Bizerte, as well as Tripoli under Gaddafi. She is the author of The Blue Olive Tree (L’Olivier bleu) (JC Lattès) and Nador, which is currently being made into a film.

Thérèse Fournier has published some 10 short stories in the literary review Siècle 21, littérature et société (Century 21, literature and society), and received the Île de Yeu short story prize.

On the occasion of the first publication of 2028, Thérèse Fournier wrote an article about the role that European Muslims could play in the bringing the two cultures closer together.

On December 8th 2006, the daily Libération published this text in the Rebonds pages.